Join the Team

Interested in joining OSAR? We have quarterly Open Houses where you can meet team members, learn about our history, as well as find out about training and membership requirements. 

Read on below for details about membership and training.

Membership and Dues

All prospective members must fill out an application, sign a waiver, submit to a background check and pay dues. Once accepted, the applicant becomes a Probationary Member and is able to attend training and educational events. Additionally, Probationary Members deploy in a limited capacity during a search.

To be accepted into OSAR you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a State or Federal ID
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Be responsible for purchasing required gear

New Member Dues

$50 for the first year

Yearly Dues

$30 each year thereafter

Meetings and Trainings

OSAR generally meets four days a month to conduct training. Each month is slightly different due to the specific training demands, but in general the schedule is as follows:

Classroom Training

  • Second Wednesday evening
  • Third Thursday evening (also general meeting)

Field Training

  • Held the Saturday or Sunday after a classroom training 

Did You Know?


Becoming Call Out Qualified is the first skill level a team member will achieve. The required skills include all the basic SAR skills and, with commitment, it can be completed in about 6 months.

Call Out Qualification Training Curriculum

The items below are a list of training requirements to achieve Callout Qualification. Additionally, higher level trainings are offered throughout the year, and are generally open to all members. 

Classroom Training

  • Clue Awareness/Search Theory/Lost Person Behavior               
  • Basic Map and Compass
  • Rope Basics, Knots, and Improvised Seat Harness
  • Basic Scene Size-Up and non-technical litter transport
  • Night Navigation/Radio Communications
  • PSARs
  • Evidence Handling/Crime Scene Awareness

Field Training

  • Clue Awareness/Search Theory
  • Basic Land Navigation
  • Anchor Clinic
  • Overnight Scenario

Misc Requirements

  • First Aid/CPR
  • FEMA IS 100/700
  • OSAR TECH III Written Test
  • Pack Check
  • Fitness Test
  • Knot Test

Ready to join OSAR? Attend our next open house and get started!