About Oahu Search & Rescue

Oahu Search & Rescue is an all volunteer, non profit, organization, based on the island of Oahu, dedicated to Preventative Search and Rescue (PSAR) education. Additionally, OSAR provides search, rescue, and recovery services to local, State, and Federal agencies, as well as the family of the missing.


Oahu Search and Rescue is a private volunteer non-profit dedicated to preventative search and rescue education on Oahu and providing wilderness and mountain SAR resources for authorities and families of the missing.

Oahu Search & Rescue was formed in 2015 by a core group of hikers and outdoor lovers who met over the prior two years while volunteering with other members of the community at various searches for people missing in wilderness areas. Despite some success in finding the missing, this group realized that combining the community’s resources with specialized knowledge, as well as better organizational skills could lead to more positive search outcomes. Today, OSAR has almost 30 team members and trains regularly to meet multiple national level Search and Rescue certifications.  Additionally, they provide safe hiking education services for multiple types of groups and organizations, ranging from the Scouts to church groups to fitness boot camps.