Trail Angels in Moanalua Valley

LOCATION: Moanalua Valey

Team Member: Ira

Date: 6/30/16


I’m a Trail Angel! An OSAR Trail Angel.  Actually, as of Memorial Day, my friend and OSAR teammate Serene and I are both Trail Angles.  You see, we stationed ourselves 3 miles up Moanalua Valley Trail at the Kulana‘ahane trailhead with supplies unprepared hikers might need and prepared hikers might appreciate, ready to help.

Over a 4 hour period, we greeted 40+ hikers; handed out 20 bottles of waters, 40 Capri Suns, and many granola bars and Nabs. We also dispensed plenty useful advice to several hikers who were unsure where they were going and what they were getting themselves into.  We also had our first aid kits, bug spray, and sunscreen ready; but no takers.

Everyone was happy to see us with our drinks/snacks.  Even those few that had a hard time understanding we were handing them out for free and no one was paying us to do it were happy we were there.

It was a real challenge to get all those supplies and a cooler with ice up the valley, but the result was rewarding and very much worth it.  We kept a few hikers safer than they would have been and made many more smile and feel refreshed.

If you’re out hiking and you see a couple of people in bright orange shirts handing out supplies, they’re not crazy.  They’re likely OSAR Trail Angels.  Say aloha, grab yourself a snack and a drink, and hang for a minute to talk story.

Happy Trails!