Education is a top priority for Oahu Search and Rescue. Through our educational programs, we strive to help locals and visitors stay safe while traveling in the wilderness.

Although Hawaii is a paradise full of adventure, there are very real risks and consequences that come with it. In order to reduce the need for search and rescue missions, which endanger the lives of the rescuers as well as the victim, prevention is the goal. Oahu Search and Rescue PSAR programs are designed to educate youth or adult groups about the hazards of recreating in Hawaii’s wilderness and to teach hikers how to prepare for a safe and enjoyable time out on the island’s trails.

PSAR programs can be indoors or outside and can include presentations, games, hikes, and more. We would be happy to work with your business, school, or organization to develop a PSAR program for your group. Our services are always free of charge. Donations welcome and helpful. Please feel free to download our OSAR Hiking Safety Brochure for additional information and ideas.

Please contact our Director of Education using the contact information to the right to find out how we can assist you.