OSAR Team members attend tracker training in Maui


Team Member: David Bunnell

Date: 1-5 June, 2016

During the first week of June, members of Oahu Search & Rescue (OSAR) joined with several members of Maui Search & Rescue (MSAR) to train along side each other; taught by Fernando Moreira Professional Tracking Services. Fernando Moreira has the experience to back his teachings. He was awarded distinguished title of World’s Best Tracker in 1988 and has over 40 years tracking experience.

Together, MSAR and OSAR trained in a variety of environments from sand, jungle, forest, gravel, and arid dirt trails. The group learned a variety of techniques to track people as well as recovering a lost trail. Teams and individual practices were implemented so everyone could progress to the same level.

The combined fellowship of OSAR and MSAR was outstanding. Training with each other will be on the horizon to hone the skills of both organizations. Fernando Moreira gave us his friendship along with his knowledge he passed on to the group.

To the crew of Maui Search & Rescue, thank you for your hospitality and teamwork. Fernando Moreira, it was a pleasure to learn from you and we consider you part of our Ohana, Mahalo!