Land Navigation Field Training

Subj: Operations Report, Land Navigation Field Training, 26 Nov 2017

Team Member: Keane D.

1. Purpose.

The skills encompassing land navigation are imperative to each mission a member of O’ahu Search and Rescue (OSAR) is called out
on. These skills include, but are not limited to, reading a compass, using a compass to set bearings and shoot an azimuth, basic map reading using Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates, using triangulation from bearings to determine a location, and proper communication and logistical planning to complete objectives. Training was supervised by the Director of Training.

2. Training and Environment.

a. Training was conducted at the Keaīwa Heiau State Recreational Area on 26 Nov 2017 with two teams and two exercises. Training began at 0900 and ran until 1300.

(1) Small, pink marking flags were placed along the loop trail by the Director of Training. Members were to navigate to each flag starting with initial UTM coordinates and then the coordinates on each subsequent flag. The end of this exercise was realized in the form of a stuffed
monkey at the last flag, which was blue.

(2) Members were then asked to shoot two bearings and triangulate their position on the trail. They were then to move to another location on the trail and again triangulate their position. Final coordinates were given for a second stuffed monkey, which they would have to find using their
self-determined location and said coordinates.

b. Conditions were around seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit (77ºF) with overcast skies that turned in to large, long downpours as the afternoon approached. Muddy conditions resulted from the downpours, making the trail slippery and hazardous.

3. Supply and Logistics.

a. Supply and Materials. Each member brought their self sustained seventy-two-hour pack with all required equipment, with onus on each individual to ensure their pack and equipment was serviceable, ready to use, and packed correctly. Food and water was appropriated and brought be each member based on his/her needs. Printed maps were provided to all.

b. Transportation. All members either carpooled or drove themselves to the training site.

4. Summary.

Team Bravo and Team Echo, each consisting of four members, and the Director of Training embarked on the training
exercises on time and all concluded within a half-hour of each other. Team Echo successfully completed the first triangulation but was
unable to complete the second one or find the second monkey. Team Bravo failed to complete the first triangulation but was successful
with the second one. It is unknown if they found the second monkey. Training was concluded, the parking area policed, and members departed
for the day after a short debrief.