ICS Training Field Excercise

LOCATION: Honolulu

Team Member: Ethan Pearson-Pomerantz

Date: 24th July, 2016

Members of Oahu Search and Rescue spent Sunday practicing their Incident Command System skills while “responding” to a report of a lost hiker in Maunawili. 9 teams members took on various rolls in the ICS structure and worked through the meetings, briefings and paperwork associated with running a search. This exercise was purely hypothetical, with fictional search teams and public emergency service units from HFD and HPD interfacing with actual OSAR personnel working in a command post.

The team was able to locate the (imaginary) hiker by mid afternoon and with HFD’s (made up) support, bring him to safety. This learning experience positioned OSAR to both be able to better run their own command posts during searches, as well as have a much stronger understanding of how to interface as an asset in a bigger search being run by another agency.

The timeline shows three fictional OSAR teams currently in the field under the direction of the Incident Command

Incident Commander Ira (in orange) discusses strategy with Operations Chief David