December Training

LOCATION: Moanalua Valley
TEAM Member: David B
Oahu Search and Rescue members participated in a missing person, call-out training on Saturday, December 16th. The goal was to locate the missing individual, Tammy (a stuffed monkey), treat & stabilize the patient, and evacuate the patient to a location where emergency services could provide proper medical treatment.
Ira, our first member on the scene, quickly set up the command post and initiated the mission with Daniel, David, and Amy sent on a hasty search for the patient. Approximately 3 miles in, the patient Tammy was located by Daniel. The patient had simulated injuries to the ankle and hypothermia. David quickly treated the patient, and the team proceeded to evacuate the area.
The training went quick and efficiently Saturday morning, followed by the OSAR annual potluck lunch. We are looking forward to the challenges and service to the community for 2018.