Get Involved

How to Get Involved at OSAR

If you are interested in joining the organization, we would like to invite you to attend a monthly general meeting, held at a location near downtown.  We also hold 4 orientation courses per year. Please contact the Member Coordinator for exact date, time, and location at or check our Facebook Page for upcoming event details.

While we are always looking for field members regardless of experience as training is provided, we also have many openings for Support Members as administrative volunteers and people with various SAR or non-profit related experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to provide more information about the organization and it’s membership. We do not discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, ethnicity, or experience. We do however require our members to have the qualities of a SAR individual; as kind, loving, and compassionate persons that pass no judgement upon those who require help.

Membership Requirments

18 years of age or older
Reliable transportation around the island
Means to purchase your own equipment
Ability to pass an Work Capacity Test at the moderate level and a Pack Check
Ability to communicate effectively in English
Satisfactorily complete approximately 30 hours of Call-out Qualified Member training
Current first aid and CPR certification
Attendance at monthly membership meetings
Participation in regular training activities

What You Should Know About OSAR

We are all volunteers, and never, ever charge for our services. No member is ever compensated monetarily for their service. Members are required to obtain their own equipment as described in the OSAR Pack List (presented at orientation and to new members). We search and train in inclement weather, in the dark, and in hazardous terrain when necessary. There are various circumstances in which persons may need to be found and rescued in wilderness situations, regardless of how they ended up there. This includes: overdue hikers, Alzheimer’s patients, children and teens, mentally ill or unstable persons, suicide victims, and more.

Volunteering with OSAR is a time commitment, however we understand that all of our team members have lives, jobs and families. We expect all members to make every effort to be available for as many training, meetings, education events and call outs as they can be.